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9000 Watson Rd
St Louis, MO, 63126
United States


Boardwalk Hardwood Floor is a hardwood flooring supplier that sells prefinished hardwood flooring, unfinished hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, cork, leather, hand scraped and wire brushed flooring.

Refinishing Class

Boardwalk teaches Refinishing classes one Saturday each month at our warehouse in Crestwood, MO. Our classes will cover basic sanding techniques using the U-Sand floor sander.  We will also cover board replacement, staining and finishing techniques.

Classes run from 9:00 am - 10:00 am.   Please try to arrive at 9:45 so class can begin on time.  If you would like to pickup material before class, please call ahead, so our warehouse personnel can pull your order.  

Class is Free - Reservations are required.

U-Sand changes everything about floor sanding.       

Rip and strip finishes on existing floors with ease.  Cuts through urethane efficiently and leaves the wood clean and ready for a new finish. Sands in any direction without damaging the grain pattern, and is the best machine for antique floors as it removes far less material than drums so your floors last longer.  Far easier to use than traditional drum sanders: change hook and loop grit disks in seconds, vacuums dust out of the way as you go, edge and buff with the same machine, floats easily as you make your passes.

Try a U-Sand floor sander and you’ll know why we’re on the cutting edge of floor sanding technology.