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9000 Watson Rd
St Louis, MO, 63126
United States


Boardwalk Hardwood Floor is a hardwood flooring supplier that sells prefinished hardwood flooring, unfinished hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, cork, leather, hand scraped and wire brushed flooring.



Our vents may contain naturally occurring character marks that include knots, minimal sap, mineral streaks, color variations and variations in grain. These unique natural characteristics are normal and are not construed as defects. Natural color variations in raw material will dictate the final shade of the stain. Since every tree provides us with its own unique natural characteristics, vents may vary from samples or pictures shown. Grill Works allows nature to create a customized, unique vent for your home.

Most vents are in stock in red oak, white oak and hard maple in the standard sizes listed. Limited quantities of other species are also in stock in the standard sizes. Standard thickness is 3/4” except for bamboo which is 5/8”. Non-standard thickness must be specified at time of order. All vents are shipped sanded and clean; ready for on-site finishing.

Grill Works produces many custom order vents. Prefinishing is also available as special order work. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to assist with questions. Call or email to see how we can accommodate your needs.