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9000 Watson Rd
St Louis, MO, 63126
United States


Boardwalk Hardwood Floor is a hardwood flooring supplier that sells prefinished hardwood flooring, unfinished hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, cork, leather, hand scraped and wire brushed flooring.

Smart Tape

Everwood/Tile Accessories

Smart Tape

TORLYS Smart Tape 2016.jpg
TORLYS Smart Tape 2016.jpg

Smart Tape


Thanks to the Uniclic® joint and TORLYS Smart Tape technologies TORLYS EverWood & EverTile can be installed more easily than other floating vinyl floors.

Installation against a brick wall, fireplace hearth or a curved surface like a staircase can be an issue with other floating floors because they may shift and move. With TORLYS EverWood & EverTile, the first rows can be anchored in place to stop any
movement, making installation easy.

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