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Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood in general is re-purposed material from an existing form or structure.  Our main reclaimed mill, Olde Wood, uses wood that comes from old barns, buildings, and factories…typically those that were erected pre-1940 when older milling techniques were being used.  They produce flooring (that can also be used on walls and ceilings), barn siding, […]

Solid Versus Engineered Wood Floors

A brief discussion about the difference between the two. I consider myself to still be young, but my general preferences toward solid wood over engineered products tend to align with more “old school” beliefs. I’m going to discuss some pros and cons of solid verses engineered floors, but in order to stay relatively brief here, […]

How Winter Weather Effects Hardwood Floors

It seems like winter is paying us an early visit this year. The heating season is upon us and most likely you have already turned on your heat. Heating your environment typically starts to dry things including your skin and your hardwood floors. Typically we use moisturizers to relieve dry skin and your hardwood floors […]

Shopping for Hardwood 101

Hardwood floors are like a piece of furniture on your floor. They are an investment that can add warmth and comfort to your home’s design, but are not indestructible. All woods can dent, ding, and scratch…period. I don’t care what marketing key words you see (“diamond” or “titanium” for example) or what thousand year Armageddon […]