Established in 1897, Elof Hansson is an international trading house specializing in various forest and consumer products. Trading in over 100 countries around the globe with annual sales in excess of US$ 1 billion, the company has developed a global reputation for integrity and commitment to customers and suppliers.

In 2016, Ribadao Lumber and Elof Hansson formed a partnership to better deliver flooring products in America and Europe.

In addition to Floor Coverings, Elof Hansson and Ribadao specialize in the sale and distribution of decking, panels, plywood and lumber.


Ribadao products represent some of the most sought after species and looks in the world. The varied offering consists of exotic and domestic species in natural and stained finishes. Always with an eye to the latest fashion trends, the collection features unique products chosen for their beauty, hardness, durability and design potential.

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